About Us

We love creating new fragrance combinations, you never know what will work together and can end up with some amazing combinations. When you visit our studio, you can smell our products before you can see them. For those who love filling their home with beautiful fragrances, our little studio is heaven.

Pile of SoapThe indulgent scent of essential oils fills the air, lavender or bergamot wafts from our stove as we dedicate our days to finely crafting our soaps and candles.

All our luxury products are hand made and packaged by us. We source our ingredients from reputable companies, and blend the essential oils by hand to create a beautiful fragrance for you to enjoy.

As a mother and daughter team, our unique relationship brings together our different skills to create a final product that surpasses the every day. Our aim is to bring aromatic luxury, enhancing the mood and exceeding expectations.

Based in Cockington Court, South Devon, we work hard to create our luxury handmade soaps, candles, and other little luxuries.